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Note: You can't use the same Premium activation key for multiple accounts. Premium subscription's is only valid on FC 24 and will not be transferable to FC 25.

Frequently Asked ​Questions

An inexperienced user can generate a profit of 100,000 coins per day.


A more experienced trader can easily make from 500k to 1000k per day.


The Fut market fluctuates from day to day, and the earnings can vary depending on the quantity of cards available in the market and the demand.

All plans allow you to unlock all the premium features of Futrich.

The difference between the various plans is the amount of premium time.

No! Anyone, regardless of experience, can generate profits.


However, having a basic understanding of trading methods is recommended for optimal utilization of the tool.

No. Futrich is a powerfull trading tool that will allow you to buy players faster and automatically.


Currently Futrich does not provide any suggestion of trading. Each user can create their own filters.

We are supporting all platforms. Playstation, Xbox and PC.

Futrich utilizes advanced methods to simulate mouse clicks and avoid the risk of being banned.

However, there is still a very slight possibility that EA may ban an account for using third-party tools.

Over the course of a year, none of our users have been banned while continuing to earn mountains of credits.


EA employs systems to protect against bots. After a certain number of market searches, it is possible that a Captcha verification may be required to ensure you are not a robot.


There is also a possibility of receiving a "soft ban" if the user excessively utilizes the web app, such as making too many rapid purchases or participating in too many auctions. In such cases, after pressing the search button, a red error message may appear and the results list may be empty. The duration of the ban can vary from a few minutes to a day.

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